About Attorney White

Attorney White spent a significant part of his career as a prosecutor, specializing in crimes committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As your defense lawyer, he knows what the State's case is likely to be, because he's been there.  He will work with you to anticipate the State's case and go over all of your options, which may include rehab or outpatient treatment for addiction.


With over 25 years of experience in law, Attorney White has a broad range of expertise. 

  • Handling of criminal, DUI and traffic offenses with extensive litigation and jury trial experience.

  • Served as a prosecutor for Marion County, Indiana where he focused on drug-related crimes and fought for drug rehabilitation instead of jail time where it was warranted.

  • Extensive experience in real estate law.

"I have been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, and have a unique perspective of what the other side may be planning . This can help us settle the case quickly and without any negative publicity."


Criminal Defense

From minor theft to major crime, Attorney White has extensive jury trial experience. However, most cases are settled before a public trial, quickly and without negative publicity.  

Traffic and DUI issues

Minor accident or over the limit? Attorney White will discuss your options and help you through the complex legal system to resolve your case quickly.

Real Estate and Title Issues

Attorney White holds an extensive knowledge of real estate and title law to guide you through planning, buying or selling your real estate.


Bachelor of Science, Communications

Boston University

Doctor of Law (J.D.)

Indiana University


Indiana State Bar Association

Virginia State Bar

Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

National Association of Drug Court Professionals