“When you are in my office, you are the sole center of my attention. I want to hear your story and my phone is turned off while we talk.”

I often counsel my clients to invoke their Fifth Amendments Right: the right to remain silent. Don't be pressured by police, family, friends or first responders to tell them what happened. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.

What you tell me on the phone or in my office remains private between us. We will work together to agree on the best way to proceed based on your situation. I promise to be honest with you, to present you with all your options, to be compassionate about your circumstances, and to earn your trust to represent your best interests.

Over my career, I've been both the prosecutor and the defense attorney.  Having been on both sides of the argument gives me a unique perspective and insight on how the opposing counsel will try your case and use this knowledge to solidify your best outcome.