The Law Office of Guy F. White

Welcome to the Law Office of Guy F. White. The office is a general law practice that specializes in criminal defense, DUI, traffic cases and real estate issues. If you have been arrested for DUI or a drug-related offense, call to schedule an appointment to talk about your specific issue and we will work together to get you the best possible outcome. When choosing a defending attorney, you want honesty and compassion to be sure you get the best defense for your circumstances. Each case is different. Defending a client individually is important. 

Honesty. Compassion. Trust. 
The Law Office of Guy F. White.

Criminal Defense
DUI and Traffic Arrests
Real Estate

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The Law Office of Guy F. White

9300 Grant Avenue, Suite 200
Manassas,  VA  20110   USA

Conveniently located near Prince William Courthouse

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Honesty.  Compassion. Trust.

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